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Kids Explore and Discover with ‘SC (KEDS) is Alpha Phi Omega’s bi-annual philanthropy event in which students from various schools and organizations from all over the Los Angeles area are invited to come together for a fun day of learning. We have prepared a series of hands-on workshops throughout the morning along with a FREE visit to the California Science Center and Endeavour exhibit in the afternoon. Our hope is that this variety of workshops will engage the students, kindling a passion for learning, fostering creativity and encouraging curiosity. Last semester, we were able to host 60 students of all ages. After the event, we received great feedback, and found that students enjoyed getting to spend a day on the USC campus with current USC students and would love the opportunity to do it again. The purpose of KEDS is to give students from underprivileged backgrounds and various cultural backgrounds the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects through engaging workshops to help foster their drive for education. We hope that by incorporating fun into our workshops, we can instill a curiosity and love for learning in the kids from a young age. We hope that this early introduction to the value of education at a college campus will also inspire them to continue fueling their passion for learning and pursue higher education. Past workshops have included a recycling relay to teach the students how to properly sort trash and recyclables, rocket launching experiments to teach aerodynamics, and art projects.

Qué es KEDS?

Kids Explore and Discover with ‘SC (KEDS) es el evento de filantropía semestral de Alpha Phi Omega en el que se invita a estudiantes de diversas escuelas y organizaciones de todo el área de Los Ángeles a reunirse para un día divertido de aprendizaje. Hemos preparado una serie de talleres prácticos durante toda la mañana junto con una visita GRATUITA al California Science Center y la exhibición Endeavour en la tarde. Nuestra esperanza es que esta variedad de talleres involucre a los estudiantes, generando una pasión por el aprendizaje, fomentando la creatividad y fomentando la curiosidad. El último semestre, pudimos recibir a 60 estudiantes de todas las edades. Después del evento, recibimos excelentes comentarios y descubrimos que los estudiantes disfrutaban de pasar un día en el campus de la USC con estudiantes actuales de la USC y les encantaría tener la oportunidad de hacerlo nuevamente. El objetivo de KEDS es brindarles a los estudiantes de entornos desfavorecidos y diversos antecedentes culturales la oportunidad de explorar una variedad de temas a través de interesantes talleres para ayudar a fomentar su impulso hacia la educación. Esperamos que incorporando diversión en nuestros talleres, podamos inculcar una curiosidad y amor por el aprendizaje en los niños desde una edad temprana. Esperamos que esta temprana introducción al valor de la educación en un campus universitario también los inspire a continuar alimentando su pasión por el aprendizaje y buscar una educación superior. Los talleres anteriores incluyeron un relevo de reciclado para enseñar a los estudiantes a clasificar correctamente la basura y los materiales reciclables, los experimentos de lanzamiento de cohetes para enseñar aerodinámica y proyectos de arte.

  The day will include:

    • Fun and educational workshops about science, art, and more!
    • A FREE trip to the California Science Center and Endeavour exhibit!
    • FREE lunch!

   ¿Que está incluido?

    • !Talleres divertidos y educativos sobre ciencia, arte y más!
    • ¡Un viaje GRATIS al California Science Center y la exhibición Endeavor!
    • ¡Almuerzo GRATIS!

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm PM   
Location: USC McCarthy Quad (in front of Leavey Library)

Fecha: Sábado, 27 de enero del 2018
Time: Hora: 9:30am - 3:30pm   
Lugar para dejar y recoger estudiantes:: USC McCarthy Quad (frente a Leavey Library)

Please RSVP by January 25th, 2018 via the Google Form and email any questions to philanthropy.apousc@gmail.com
Favor de responder antes del 25 de enero del 2018 a través del Google Form y mandar preguntas a philanthropy.apousc@gmail.com (¡hablamos espanol!)

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Hosted by USC’s Alpha Phi Omega – Alpha Kappa Chapter Alpha Phi Omega is a coeducational national service organization that provides its members the chance to develop leadership skills through service projects on their campus, in their community and across the nation. While other groups volunteer, making the world a better place is not their primary focus. This is why more than 400,000 students have chosen APO since our founding in 1925. The USC chapter is called Alpha Kappa chapter and we aim to bring service opportunities throughout the local Los Angeles community to students on campus. Our chapter has over 100 actives who are passionate about community service. Whether it is mentoring local K-12 students or helping clean up beaches, our members wish to impact the community in a positive way. Visit our main website here.