How to Join Us!

Interested in joining Alpha Phi Omega? If so, it is a good idea to understand the process by which you can come an active member in our Fraternity. Some of it is difficult, but all of it is fun and designed to prepare you for an exciting and rewarding active membership in Alpha Phi Omega.

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Who Can Join

Any student duly enrolled at the University of Southern California, who joins with the chapter's members in their service projects, accepts the principles of Scouting on which the Fraternity's ideals are based, and meets the standards of the chapter.

Why You Should Join

College should be more than the acquisition of facts and figures; it also should broaden your experiences, expand and test your inherent abilities, and sharpen your social skills. Alpha Phi Omega, through its unique program of leadership, friendship, and service, can add this necessary but often lacking aspect of college life, and at the same time enable you to help others while helping yourself.

Rushing Alpha Phi Omega

Rush Week activity

The rush process begins with our info / rush events. This is your time to get information on the Fraternity as a whole, and learn more about the brothers whom you could possibly be joining. We offer a wide variety of recruitment (commonly referred to as "rush") events ranging from bowling and In-N-Out runs to service events that we continue throughout the semester. Even if you are still unsure of your ability or willingness to pledge a fraternity, please feel free to come and check out a few rush events to see for yourself whether you could be interested in Alpha Phi Omega. There is no obligation to join, even after attending rush events.

Pledge Process

Making Valentine's Day cards

If, after rush week, you decide Alpha Phi Omega is for you and have completed the rush requirements as set by the Fraternity, you'll be welcomed to join in the pledge process. The pledge process includes a pledge pinning, as well as a full semester of pledgeship under the Pledge Master of our chapter. This person will prepare you for the tests and requirements necessary to gain active membership. That's right. Tests. But don't worry — we understand that you have other commitments and they are certainly not difficult tests. We simply want to make sure that Alpha Phi Omega is on your radar. There is also a set of requirements for the pledges to meet. Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you are eligible to become an active member in Alpha Phi Omega.

The final step to becoming an active member is the Initation Ceremony. While we can't disclose any information about the event, it is more or less a celebration of your accomplishments throughout the semester.

If, after reading all of these requirements, you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hazing Policy

An appropriate period of pledging has no place for hazing practices. These include the degradation of individuals, personal service demands, and any other practices inconsistent with the spirit and principles of Alpha Phi Omega. The concept of Pledge Membership long ago progressed beyond such practices since they violate the members' obligation to state law, the National Bylaws of the Fraternity and the regulations of the University of Southern California. Alpha Phi Omega members respect the worth of human dignity and, in firm support of our heritage of intellectual freedom, do not tolerate unequal or abusive treatment of any person.

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